Love, Adultery and What To Wear to The Office

Team Briefing

Is this a fight to
the death?

Is it no holds

Will it involve
and lies?

Will it involve
smashing of bones
crushing of vertebrae
a bloody pool of flesh
on the floor

Will it be over by half past four?

Lovesick on Work Experience

Oh, Ms Watts,  how I wish it were true
that you were as obsessed with me
as I am with you

Oh how I wish that it could be
that you were as obsessed with you
as I am with me

Will doggerel, rhythm, slide and rhyme,
be the only products of this love of mine?

Slowly quickly, shift and slip
along the lines my syllables trip

So much nonsense, beating out dreams
barely coping with reality, using clever rhyme schemes

Amphibian Dreams

So - no dialogue
my prince
turned into
a frog

reverted to type
(my best friend said he might)

but I was too green
to have foreseen

that my perceived soul mate
would prefer to
with a crate
of beer
than to hear
about my day

but I can adjust
needs must
I'm still foolish fond
so I'm building a pond
for us both

I'm learning to swim
where it's silent and
like him

My Problem in Turquoise

It was good seeing
you on Saturday
didn't expect it
at all
just looked up
you were

in that old
turquoise sweater,
holding your little boy

he's looking
so are you

you've had your
hair cut
I like it short
like that

at least I
remembered how to
smile and say hallo

the rest of the day
so good

In fact the
whole weekend
went downhill

I remembered
other things
you saying
this was my problem

you didn't intend

But there you
my problem in turquoise
and no matter
what I do
or you say
It will always, always
that way