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When do you start being a storyteller? My first memory of storytelling is by the side of a lane between Wilkieston and Kirknewton, with a bunch of suspicious Kirknewton boys and me. Things didn’t look good. Particularly because I was mixed race - my mother was English. I couldn’t really understand it but this was somehow betrayed by my accent and they had sniffed me out. I was new to the area and should never have politely said hullo to them.

It was getting ugly. Although I was a girl, and this should have precluded me from a drubbing, I could sense that the fact that I was even just partly English was somehow altering the code. Anything was possible.
‘My granddad told me a story about my family. From the Highlands.’ It was the most Scottish thing I could think of. They moved back a little. They had heard of the Highlands, they were definitely Scottish. ‘A ghost story. About a

And that was it. I liked hearing the words out loud and other people settled down to listen to me, as I had to my grandfather. The school bus from Wilkieston to West Calder took over half an hour, plenty of time for a running romantic adventure involving Lesley Ogg, her Dad’s pig farm and the boy of her dreams. At East Calder, Isobel Jamieson got on and, because her family lived on an oil compound in the Gulf of Aden, her story had a more international flavour and involved pool-side meetings and something called gin. Soon there were other takers and other story threads dancing along on the on the green SMT double decker bus every morning between 7.30 and 8.45am. This apprenticeship stood me in good stead. At sixteen I won "The Scotsman School Magazine" short story prize. The editor of the page of prizewinners was James Aitchison. And last year James Aitchison kindly gave me great encouragement by saying good things about my first novel,
Impostor. So things have come full circle.

In between I have won an Ottakar short story prize and scripted audio stories about Derbyshire, which are now being turned into written collections. My current project is
MY LOVE AND I WILL BE… IN PERFECT HARMONY. This is a sequel to Impostor and has the same setting – Hulland House, in Ashbourne.